What should I do if I have contractor trainers?

There are a couple things to know when having contractor trainers conduct classes.

  • Are the classes going to be offered by your business, or will you be leasing space to these trainers for their own operations? 
    • If these trainers are leasing space for their own operations, then your policy does not extend coverage to them. They would need their own policy in place, and we recommend having your business named as an Additional Insured on that policy. 
    • If the class is being offered under your operations, then your business is covered in the event of a lawsuit. However, the trainer may or may not be covered, should they be individually named in a lawsuit. 

The safest way to conduct business with a contractor training is to require they purchase their own coverage. This protects your business from their operations and provides an additional level of comfort should there be a claim unrelated to your business.

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